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On Page Activity and SEO keyword:-

I shall explain here on page activity such as your site Title, URL, Description, meta keyword, H tag, sitemap, robot.txt file, a keyword like density, stemming, streaming, stuffing, and proximity and all.


the title is very important for your site. Because it contains only 50 to 70 character. We have to describe our product and service within this character.

In my opinion, you should use 50 to 60 character very carefully which describes your website information of service and product. I think when someone searches on google engine about something,  google bot (Crawler or Spider) first check your site title for relevant information related to the product and service. If it finds the right information than Google move to the next step.

If you are a digital marketer then try to find out your client’s site title character. And if any need changes title name according to clients’ product and service.

 You guys should look at the image which is given below:

I searched on google seojawla. Google shows this.

title, url and description
title, URL and description


URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. If your site URL name is same as your website describes things. So it will be great for your product and service. And your website could get a higher rank. Try to choose a short name for your URL. It can help your audience or user to remember your site name.

It is optional, means that(If you not having URL then find domain name as per your niche). If you got your site name then no problem.

e.g:  https//:seojawla.com

And you find that this site is all about SEO and digital marketing.


Here you should write character between 140 to 160 which description more about your site. Your content should be error free. Hence you should check your site description twice. Google also check site description. If Google finds relevant query similar to your title, URL and description then google first show your site.

Meta keyword:

 if your site is a custom website which means you hired someone to build your site.

Then tell him to add meta keyword in your website which is very useful to your site. Meta keyword character length is between 160 to  200 character.

meta keyword web page.
meta keyword

Header tag:

Header tag is HTML tag such as  H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. H1 usually be the largest text on a page. We use H1 as a page title of every page. And H1 tag can be used only 1 time on each page. Other tags can be used multiple time like h2 can be used 10 times on each page. Other tags have a lesser degree of importance than H1.

Every digital marketer should check the H1 tag on the client’s site on each page.

If you want to see this above thing. Go to search browser/open any site/then ctrl +u, ctrl+shift+I or right click of the mouse then view source

view source of website page.
for title, url, description, meta tag, meta keyword


A sitemap is nothing but an XML file. It helps google crawler to crawl your every page of the URL easily. So that your page could be an index on a search engine. If you own a site, you should create a sitemap for your site. If you are a digital marketer then find a sitemap on the site. If not found then tell a client to create one. By the way, the website designer creates a sitemap while launching your site.


sitemap of the website
full sitemap


Robot.txt is a text file also known as Robot Exclusion Protocol(REP) or standard. We create this file to allow or disallow a page to crawl. Which means that it allows web spider or search engine robot either to crawl a page or not to crawl a page. Let take an example: If you own a website and you disallow a page then your page will not see on a search engine. It is like public a page or makes it a private page.

robots.txt file
robots text 

keyword in SEO:-

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is a number of words which is used in every page. Ex. if your one page has 600 words and you use hello word 60 times on that page. So your keyword density is 10%. you can find out using percentage method like 60/600*100. So keyword density should not be higher than 4 percentage per page. One more thing check also 1 to 4-word density. Out there a lot of tools available for keyword density. My favourite is the SEOquake. It is a browser extension which is available on every browser such as Google and Firefox browser.

keyword density in seo
Keyword density

Keyword Stuffing:

Stuffing is an SEO technique which is used to web spam and spamdexing in website page’s content. Which means to improve your content and use hypertext to provide the hyperlink in an attempt to gain higher rank on search engine result page. So many digital marketers say that it is bad for your SEO. If you are truly building your website for a long time and providing information to your user so avoid stuffing.

Ex. if boy is a keyword.

keyword stuffing
keyword stuffing


Keyword Stemming:

Stemming is a process to generate a new word from main root word. Such as you write used car. So used car is a root word and used a car for sale, used car to buy, used car to repair is a stemming keyword. Stemming is a good SEO.

stemming keyword
keyword stemming



Keyword Streaming:

keyword streaming is a method to analyze relevant keyword and choose from them the best word for your site and get a organic traffic through the word.

streaming keyword
stream keyword

Keyword proximity:

Proximity shows that how the keyword is close to search word on a search engine. Eg if you search digital marketing business then digital marketing for business and digital marketing for small business is a proximity word.

keyword proximity
proximity keyword

Keyword Frequency:

When a word or phrases appear the number of times on each web page’s content. It is called word frequency. It is closely similar to word density.

keyword frequency
frequency keyword in seo

Keyword Prominence:

keyword prominence is also important in on page activity. It refers that your keyword should be within a prominent area. The prominent area is like as  Title, Description, Header tag(eg H1, H2….), meta tag and first and last sentence of Paragraph.

keyword prominence
keyword prominence in seo

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